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Nicole Reineman, Fabric, BalletRED



Aerial, Dancer + Performer  |  Los Angeles, California

Aerial: Hoop, Fabric, Hammock, Keylock, Moon, Cube, Trapeze | Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary + Cabaret.

Nicole Reineman has been an aerialist for 7 years, with training in ballet and contortion. She has been in countless shows and events performing with Mariah Carey on Broadway in New York City, a duo cube act at the major Southern California theme park, The Muppet Show along side Miss Piggy, multiple New Year's Eve concerts 40-60ft in the air, countless concerts and events, and world renown music festivals Coachella and Burning Man. Additionally Nicole was a graphic designer/prop maker for Cirque du Soleil's Nightclub “Light” in Las Vegas and is currently the Creative Director of Gala de Danza in Los Cabos, México.

Nicole Reineman, Static Trapeze, Mental Head Circus


Nicole Reineman, Moon, Lucent Dossier

Thoughts of an Artist

Creating + Always Growing

"As an artist there are times where it seems that you just produce and though it may be enjoyable it doesn't add anything to your soul, to your heart, to your being. Art is still a job. But when you find those few opportunities that come along and give you that moment of true expression and development of becoming someone that you want to share with others. It is undeniably life changing. The need, the desire, the feeling of wanting to release and live becomes so strong that for the first time in one's life they can feel like they are finding themselves as an artist. Not just the random moments of inspiration but the urgency of self expression and emotion. Creating something that changes not just one's self but the connection between art and audience. 


It has been my goal to make something and be a part of something that can truly change the audiences' understanding. The depth in which as the viewer you become someone else, you are taken to another place. Nothing around you but the person on stage, or the art, and you. Experiencing what the artist is going through. Becoming not just someone who is watching or observing art, but living it. Being one.  


Live performance, in a way, has always felt to be the most naked of the arts. You may think you are able to hide behind a character or costume but in reality you have no buffer of paint, a computer, production or objects. There's no moment where you can hold back. When you do, the world you've created is gone. The only choice is to commit. Exposing ourselves and all that we have."

- Nicole Reineman




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