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Song Request RSVP Card


Life should be fun and not always be taken too seriously. Everyone can express themselves in lighthearted and unusual ways, the best of which comes out through art and creativity. Click on the buttons below to see some of the more crafty, bold and quirky sides that are possible. 

CC - Stationery


Creating new elements in the art of correspondence.

Announcements | Invitations | Holiday Cards

From elements on Halloween cards that look like wet blood to popup baby shower cards, events don't have to me limited to the date of the event. They start with the invitation. Creating an experience the moment the guest receives their card in the mail gives them anticipation and excitement for the upcoming festivities.

Halloween Carnival Invitation Suite
Halloween Carnival RSVP Tarot Cards
Off With His Head Halloween Card
Off With His Head Halloween Card

Halloween Party Invitations

Design, Display, Table Linens, Floral Arrangements, Rentals, Stationery, Sweets + Treats

Halloween Carnival Invitation Suite (Top) - Hand cut and stained paper, embellished with glossed "blood". Suite included a vintage inspired poster invite, tickets and a custom aged R.S.V.P. tarot card.

Off With His Head Halloween Card (Bottom) - A play on the Headless Horseman story and the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland "How the Queen gets her roses red and the Horseman gets a new head". Extra thick card with gold edging, hand glossed "blood", glittered hearts and frames, delivered in a custom striped envelope with the White Rabbit.

Halloween Themed Baby Shower
Gender Reveal Baby Shower
Baby Announcement + Holiday Card

Baby Shower + Announcements

Design, Printing + Assembly

Halloween Themed Baby Shower Invitation (Top) - Fortune Teller popup with a glittered skull instruction wrap "How To Assemble Your Invitation". After the guest assembled their invite they would find shower information on the inside. The whole invitation was sealed in a custom striped envelope stamped with a black cat wax seal.

Gender Reveal Baby Show Invitation (Bottom Left) - Retro/Vintage inspired gender reveal baby shower card with hand bunch paper confetti.

Baby Announcement + Holiday Card (Bottom Right) - Photo wrapped dual baby announcement and Christmas card printed on luxe paper.

Maps + Such
Unique Tri-Fold Wedding Invitation


Not the Norm Wedding Invitation Suites + Elements

Design, Display, Table Linens, Floral Arrangements, Rentals, Stationery, Sweets + Treats

Maps + Such (Left) - Custom made map and information packet for wedding guests for a Hollywood celebrity wedding.

Unique Tri-Fold Wedding Invitation (Top/Bottom Right) - Tri-fold wedding invitations the saves paper and the cost of postage. Included: hand drawn map, perforated fold for detaching and sending R.S.V.P. postcard (fill-in for guest's name, song requests and what love means to them), all folded and held together by a sticker for mailing.

Prairie Dog Wranglers Poster + Ticket Invitation
Pocket Square 40th Birthday Party Invitations
Vintage Baseball Birthday Invitations + Thank You Cards
Train Ride Birthday Party Invitation

Vintage Inspired Invitations

Design, Printing + Assembly

Prairie Dog Wranglers Poster + Ticket Invitation (Top Left) - Custom made band/concert poster with tickets and ticket envelopes sent in a tube mailer for a 60th birthday party.

Pocket Square 40th Birthday Party Invitations (Top Right) - Custom packaging as invitations including one of three versions of handmade pocket squares, "The Art of Sporting a Pocket Square" and "How to Fold" guide cards with custom label and stickers with event information. Matching tags for chocolate mustache lollipops, matchboxes and coasters were also made for the event.

Vintage Baseball Birthday Invitations + Thank You Cards (Bottom Left) - Vintage baseball poster inspired invitations with baseball stadium tickets for thank you cards.

Train Ride Birthday Party Invitation (Bottom Right) - Black and white retro inspired train ride birthday invitations and thank you cards.

CC - Event Styling


Bright + bold experiences.

Weddings | Birthdays | Showers | Displays | Decorations | Special Events

When one walks into a space or venue they should feel they are transformed into the guest of honor's world. Bold statements don't have to be over the top, they can also be fun, playful and bright. From a sleepover ocean themed party in a tent under the lights of jellyfish lanterns to punk rock cupcakes on CD stands, clients are giving the opportunity to bring out the kid in themselves.

Halloween Candy Display
Halloween Jack'O'Lanterns in the Box
New Orleans Style Halloween Decor
Victorian Cabaret Birthday
Penguin Party

Bright + Bold Party Decorations + Styling

Design, Production, Assembly, Setup + Display

Halloween Elements (Left) - Custom Halloween striped boxes, treat signs, lollipops and table linens with candy filled glass apothecary jars. Jack'O'Lanterns in a Box. Halloween New Orleans feel garland and decorations.

Boy's Punk Rock Birthday Party (Top Right) - Table centerpieces of blow-up guitars, microphones, CD signs and cupcakes displayed on custom cd stands.

Victorian Cabaret Birthday (Middle Right) - Themed table linens and centerpiece, silhouette favor gift bags and custom birthday top hat.

Penguin Party (Bottom Right) - Custom made glittered penguin and birthday signs, metallic and colored paper shape garland, assorted paper hanging decor, assorted red, purple and penguin candies in glass apothecary jars. 

Under The Sea Birthday Tent
Backyard Beach Party

Themed Parties

Design, Production, Assembly, Setup + Display

Under The Sea Birthday Tent (Left) - Custom hand glittered assorted fish, light up jelly fish, ocean colored blankets, pillows, candy favors for sleepover guests all under ocean colored chiffon and fabrics with hanging paper streamer seaweed and gold glittered hanging guest's name signs.

Backyard Beach Party (Right) - Under an arbor of decorative beach balls, fish and vintage style striped fabric, guests were seated at a banquet table with sandcastle centerpieces, grass runners and blue table linens. Each place setting included a tin pail of three gourmet sandwiches, chips, chocolate seashells and a pinwheel name tag.

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