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Baby Shower Afternoon Tea


One no longer has the borders of what an event or project can be. With the ability to use multiple textures and materials, clients can achieve dimension beyond what they thought possible. Their experiences can be luxurious and extravagant with every element. Click on the buttons below to have your "Oh My" moment.

OM - Stationery


Creating new elements in the art of correspondence.

Wedding Invitations | Events | Announcements

With each new project, every detail creates an opportunity for inspiration and boundless possibilities for both client and designer. With every aspect being handmade, these creations are unique and can never be replicated. It is beyond mire luxury, it is a distinction of artistry that captures the individuality of each client.

Luxury Couture Invitations
Birthday Invitations
Quinceañera Invitations

Custom Couture Invitations: Birthdays, Baby Showers and Quinceañeras

Design, Printing + Assembly

Each handmade invitation includes elements of fabric (silk chiffon, silk satin, brocade, and/or velvet), lace, ribbon, Swarovski rhinestones, chandelier crystals, crystal trims, jewels, gold leaf, ostrich feathers, German Dresden paper embellishments and hand glittered lettering.

European Travel Invitation Suite
Italian Destination Wedding Passport Invitation
Luggage Tag Save the Dates
Travel Themed Wedding - Ticket
Travel Themed Wedding - Luggage Tags

Destination Invitations + Weddings

Design, Printing + Assembly

European Travel Invitation Suite (Top Left) - Each guest received a box of fresh French macarons with invitation postcards, a handmade envelope that included a custom boarding pass, and "Passport" itinerary with detailed flight, lodging, dinning and current museum exhibit information.

Italian Destination Wedding Passport Invitation (Middle Left) - Gold foiled custom passport booklet with response card ticket foldout, itinerary and hand drawn map held together with gold staples.

Luggage Tag Save The Dates (Top Right) - Each guest received a personalized luggage tag in a handmade white marble pocket inside a gold foiled logo box wrapped with marble fine paper and a custom label with the Save the Date information.

Travel Themed Wedding (Bottom Left + Right) - Vintage luggage and maps decorated the pathway to the reception where guests found their table seating Boarding Pass. Each place setting had a Luggage Tag place card wrapped around their napkins.

Wedding Invitation Suite
White Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt Party Invitation
Spa Gregorie's Del Mar VIP "Soirée by the Sea

Luxe Wedding + Event Invitation Suites

Design, Printing + Assembly

Wedding Invitation Suite (Top) - Each suite included an invitation, custom map, R.S.V.P. card and envelope tied with gold twine and a hand stamped gold wax seal (custom designed wax stamps available upon request).

White Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt Party Invitation (Bottom Left) - Hand glittered and embellished with seven different kinds of glitter.

Spa Gregorie's Del Mar VIP "Soirée by the Sea" Invitations (Bottom Right) - Embellishments with white pearls and blue opal Swarovski rhinestones.

OM - Event Styling


The innovative composition of a memorable experience.

Weddings | Birthdays | Showers | Special Events | Holiday Decorations

All that is perceived, understood, and remembered defines an experience. From custom made table linens to couture jeweled shoes to holiday decorations that transform estates, the level of detail is said to be unparalleled. A moment in time can last a lifetime, that is the ultimate goal for each event.


Champagne Tasting Surprise Birthday Party
Valentine's Day Yacht Dinner Party

Baby Showers, Afternoon Teas, Champagne Tastings + Special Occasions

Design, Assembly + Production

Baby Shower Afternoon Tea (Top) - Custom couture jeweled baby shoe centerpieces, glittered baby blocks, table linens, stationery and full service afternoon tea where each guest was presented with their own three tier tea tray and an antique teacup to take home as their favor.

Champagne Tasting Surprise Birthday Party (Bottom Left) - Each guest received a gold fabric board with custom Champagne Tasting chart and gold pen, 4 Champagne glasses for the tasting. The table was decorated with hand glittered ombré Champagne and kid friendly soda bottles, florals arrangements and gold embellishments all under gold and clear hanging balls with photos of client with her family with notes from family members on the back.

Valentine's Day Yacht Dinner Party for TV Show (Bottom Right) - Ombré table florals with Swarovski crystal highlights within the arrangements, scattered crystals and jewels on the table with silver glittered initials for place cards.

Winter Robin Entryway
Winter Ice Forest Family Room
Winter Icicle + Snowflake Entryway
Winter Ice Forest Family Room

Winter Holiday Decorations

Design, Building + Assembly

Winter Robin Entryway (Top Left) - An entryway inspired by a large red forest photograph and textures in the client's home. Custom made light-up snow painted wood crystals, snow painted birch wood with growing crystal embellishments, couture jeweled red robins to represent each member of the family, hundreds of handmade snow starburst mimicking falling snow and snowy mountains throughout the grand hall with assorted large crystals scattered amongst the snow.

Winter Icicle + Snowflake Entryway (Top Right) - Paper, metal and crystal snowflakes falling from the second story arch, garland lining the staircase with icicles, white/ice blue/teal poinsettias, ornaments, white birch light trees and fairy lights.

Winter Ice Forest Family Room (Bottom Left + Right) - Two 12ft light trees with two types of lights for dimension, large acrylic ice snowflakes, assorted metal ornaments, handmade nest with crystals and small white birds made from natural materials, silver leafed garland, and geometric shapes to blend the clients style and decorations into one. Custom made light-up snow painted wood crystals, snow painted birch wood with growing crystal embellishments, handmade nest with crystals and small white birds made from natural materials, stocking holders with giant metallic silver bows.

© 2015 Custom Couture Pointe Shoes
© 2015 Custom Couture Pointe Shoes
© 2015 Custom Couture Pointe Shoes

Custom Couture Pointe Shoes

Design, Painting + Assembly

Sugar Plum and Cavalier Tea Event - Hand glittered, jeweled, and rhinestoned upcycled used pointe shoes. Each pair were displayed in glass domed cake stands as table centerpieces.

Custom designs and colors available upon request. ©2015 Designed by Nicole Reineman.

Surprise Victorian Garden Party in Period Dress
Custom Designed Digial Invitations
Surprise Victorian Garden Party in Period Dress
Surprise Victorian Garden Party in Period Dress
Surprise Victorian Garden Party in Period Dress
Surprise Victorian Garden Party in Period Dress

Custom Themed Events

Design, Table Linens, Floral Arrangements, Rentals, Food, Sweets + Graphic Design

Surprise Victorian Garden Party in Period Dress - Custom made table lines, floral arrangements, table centerpieces and desserts including special Mayan hot chocolate with vanilla bean whipped cream topped with gold leaf..

Custom Designed Digital Invitations (Top Left) - Custom designed digital invitation with measurement fill-in chart to provide each guest with a formal period costume. Invitation printed and framed for a keepsake the guest of honor.

Cocktail Chic Bridal Shower
Cocktail Chic Bridal Shower
Cocktail Chic Bridal Shower
Dessert + Champagne Birthday Soirée

Food Display

Design, Display, Table Linens, Floral Arrangements, Rentals, Stationery, Sweets + Treats

Cocktail Chic Bridal Shower (Left) - Chocolate display on custom made stenciled boards (to match Bridal Shower invitations) with flavor labels.

Dessert + Champagne Birthday Soirée (Right) - Dessert display of French macarons with coinciding fresh food flavors, fresh raspberry gold leaf tarts, croquembouches served on antique silver platters and fresh roses and orchids.

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