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From Couture Jeweled Piñata Invitations to one of a kind Metal and Canvas Step + Repeats, there are endless possibilities to think outside the box one is in. Click on the buttons below to see some of the past projects that push the boundaries of tradition. 

AS - Stationery


Non traditional seekers in the art of correspondence.

Save the Dates | Invitations | Personal Stationery | Keepsakes | Holiday Cards

When it comes to stationery it is no longer confined to just paper and envelopes. By using different materials and items guest are left with a new experience and a lasting impression from the invitation, card or keepsake. With this ability it will help personalize the clients event or the guest of honor to the fullest.

Surprise Birthday Cabo San Lucas Invitation Suite
Surprise Birthday Cabo San Lucas Invitation Suite
Milestone Napa Tour Invitation
Surprise Birthday Cabo San Lucas Invitation Suite
Milestone Napa Tour Invitation

Custom Wood + Drink Invitations + Save the Dates

Design, Production + Assembly

Surprise Birthday Cabo San Lucas Invitation Suite (Top + Middle Right) - Each laser cut wood box included an individual bottle of tequila, fresh lime, jar of sea salt and two shot glasses folded in a traditional Mexican fabric.

Milestone Napa Valley Tour Invitation (Bottom Left + Right) - Inspired by the guest of honor's favorite wine, each guest received a bottle of wine (with crystal embellishments and custom label) placed with the itinerary in a wooden wine box. Each box was painted with the guest of honors year of birth and wrapped in a label that included information about the tour and Napa Valley and a silver "Limited Production" Label.

Lady Gaga Inspired Box + Stationery
Holiday Stationery Gift

Personal Stationery

Design, Production, Printing + Assembly

Lady Gaga Inspired Box + Stationery (Left) - Handmade box from chicken wire, assorted jewels and chain with personalized stationery inside.

Holiday Stationery Gift (Right) - Music inspired personal stationery presented in a white velvet lined black leather box with antique satin ribbon and ceramic embellishment and snowflake jewel.

Custom Jeweled Piñata Keepsake Invitaitons
Custom Jeweled Piñata Keepsake Invitaitons
Custom Jeweled Piñata Keepsake Invitaitons

Custom Couture Keepsake Invitations

Design, Production, Printing + Assembly

Custom Jeweled Piñata Keepsake Invitations - Hand glittered. jeweled and rhinestoned piñatas presented inside a plastic box with invitation wrap and satin pink ribbon.

Christmas Winter Wonderland Card

Laser Cut Wood Cards + Invitations

Design, Production, Printing + Assembly

Christmas Winter Wonderland Card - Custom design on white stained laser cut wood with gold leaf edging and printed envelope.

AS - Event Styling


The layers of artistry that create a memorable experience.

Special Event | Weddings | Birthdays | Showers

Within each event there is the ability to bring new ways to create elements and presentation of client's ideas. It isn't just painting on an empty canvas but layers upon layers on which every detail adds to the event making it even more memorable.

Neon Christmas
Neon Christmas Packaging
Neon Christmas Florals

Full Service Personal Branding/Design Events

Design, Production, Installation, Painting, Florals, Assembly, Setup + Display

Neon Christmas - Full service event from installation, decorations, florals, food and packaging. Custom made ornaments, with iridescent embellishments for flocked holiday tree including wall art to match. Bold type packaging to match event walls with handmade chocolate brittle embellished with edible glitter. Unique real rainbow roses with bright and colorful florals balls.

Vodka Tastings
Vodka Tastings
Surprise Champagne Tasting Birthday Party
Surprise Champagne Tasting Birthday Party

Vodka + Champagne Tastings

Design, Production, Assembly, Setup + Display

Vodka Tastings for TV Show (Left) - Custom made clip boards with textured silver fabric and vodka blind tasting chart all displayed on glossy black snake skin fabric, custom stoned display shelves and hand ombré black to silver glittered vodka bottles. Each guest received a acrylic ice tray with 4 numbered shot glasses.

Surprise Champagne Tasting Birthday Party (Right) - Hand glittered pink to gold ombré Champagne bottles displayed on antique silver mirror platters, and floral arrangements. Each guest received 4 numbered Champagne glasses, gold fabric cover clip boards with Tasting Chart. All under gold balloons, glass and gold ornaments and photos of the family with notes from everyone wishing the guest of honor happy birthday. Italian sodas where provided as well for kid friendly tastings.

AS - Installations


Immersive art at arms length.

Weddings | Birthdays | Showers | Special Events

An art installation is defined as a large sculpture-like artwork which alters the way a space is experienced, as a gallery; an exhibition of such artworks. An art installation means taking an interior and loading it with disparate items that evoke complex and multiple associations and thoughts, longings, and moods. Wether small scale, large or interior design elements, art is an expression and makes each client or viewer feel. Art makes us human.

#PLAY Wall Light Sign
RED Free Standing Sign
BOO Free Standing Sign
BOO Free Standing Sign

Stand Up Light Signs + Design

Design, Production, Painting, Assembly, Setup + Display

#PLAY (Top Left) - Five foot high custom designed letter hanging sign for client's industrial style game room.

RED (Top Right) - Custom made free standing four and a half foot high letter sign. Metal siding with bolts with the entire inside painted glossy candy apple red with clear globe lights.

BOO (Bottom) - Custom made Halloween sign with metal siding to mirror lights, silver bolts, orange painted wood backing and orange globe lights. Displayed with hand painted silver and black and white pumpkins.

Light Heel Heart
Custom Red Heart Aerialist Heels

Nightclub Installations + Props

Design, Production, Installation, Painting, Assembly, Setup + Display

Light Heel Heart (Left) - Hanging wall heel heart installation. Black heels painted red on the inside with red glowing lights hung with black satin ribbon.

Custom Red Heart Aerialist Heels (Right) - Hand red heart sequined heels with giant satin red ribbon bows and glittered black bottoms. Worn by aerialists performing in sweetheart shaped apparatuses.

Giant Paper Flowers
Rainbow Ombré Ribbon Wishes

Simple Material Installations

Design, Production, Installation, Assembly, Setup + Display

Giant Paper Flowers (Top Left) - Hand made 2 - 4ft. paper flowers. Available in assorted colors and can also be painted or embellished. Used as both hanging decor or placed.

Rainbow Ombré Ribbon Wishes (Top Right) - An ombré of satin ribbons with hanging envelopes attached with clips with words describing guest of honor and notes and wishes inside.

Geometric Neon Ribbon Installation (Bottom Left) - 17-20ft Lines of satin ribbon using angles and lines to create an artistic atmosphere.

Pop-up Art Gallery (Middle + Bottom Right) - Using removable custom cut black vinyl, within 1 hour an empty space became a high end photography art gallery (NYC/Mexico City).

Custom Metal + Unique Canvas Step + Repeat
Aged Italian Gold Leaf Wall
HELLO THERE Wall Typography

Wall Installations

Design, Production, Painting, Soldering + Installation

Custom Metal Sign + Unique 14ft. Canvas Step + Repeat (Top) - Hand soldered 2ft. tall metal letters tied to chicken wire and hung with jute twine in front of a torn canvas with company's logo, clothing brand and bios held together with aged tacks.

Aged Italian Gold Leaf Wall (Bottom Left) - Multiple layers of rich teal and blue paints adged with gold paint and embellished with real gold leaf.

HELLO THERE Wall Typography (Bottom Rig) - Interior design for home or gallery, hand painted black type, "HELLO THERE".

AS - Packaging


The unveiling and anticipation of a product.

Retail | Holidays | Weddings | Birthdays | Special Events

Packaging isn't just something that contains, handles, protects, and/or transport an article but gives you a foreshadowing of what is to come. Wether for a themed event or product development and branding, packaging has it's own element of an experience. It's the unveiling and anticipation that excites us.

Honey Tasting Box
Bee Remedy's Apothecary
Personalized Spa Gift Box

Product Packaging

Design, Production + Assembly

Honey Tasting Box (Top) - Assorted California honeys packaged in custom labeled test tubes placed in a laser cut wood box.

Bee Remedy's Apothecary (Bottom Left) - Product logo and label design for all natural retail products (body sprays, oils and mustache wax).

Personalized Spa Gift Box (Bottom Right) - Gold edged glass box with spa amenities including body wash, shampoo, bath salts and luffa.

Wedding Favors
Thanksgiving Brittle Boxes
Neon Holiday Chocolate Gift Boxes

Candy Packaging

Design, Production + Assembly

Wedding Favors (Top Left) - Wedding favors with assorted chocolate brittles wrapped in custom labels with elements of client's art and matching their wedding invitations and itineraries.

Thanksgiving Brittle Boxes (Bottom Left) - Custom labels with a sarcastic wording and play on Thanksgiving with pumpkin pie brittle.

Neon Holiday Chocolates Gift Boxes (Right) - Not the norm holiday with neon and embellished with iridescent silvers and golds.

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